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Fasteners are mechanical fasteners used in (building) structures. Think of; screws, plugs, nails, bolts, nuts, washers and studs. Hoenderdaal has always specialized in screws. We are continuously developing even better screws. We have two important A-brands in this: Rotadrill for the DIY enthusiasts and Dynaplus for the construction professional.
We sell our fasteners to technical wholesalers, hardware stores, building materials wholesalers and Do-It-Yourself stores, mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. But also internationally, in Sweden, Denmark and Finland we have several years of cooperation.


We are the specialist in smart shop concepts in fasteners that match our various sales markets and target groups. The customer, and our customer's customer, is central to this. We are actively engaged in generating more sales and profit for our customers. Ultimately, the success of our customer is responsible for our success and that is why we like to think along and help them further.


Our logistics center of over 8,000 square meters, located centrally in the Netherlands, offers space for more than 20,000 different fasteners that are available from stock in various packaging or presentation forms. We like to deliver custom work; both in the field of logistics and in the field of packaging and private label.
A large part of our range is imported from the Far East. We import about 250 sea containers per year from countries such as; Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Thailand and Indonesia. These fasteners that we import are based on our technical specifications and imported in our own packaging. The goods are kept in stock with us and can be sent directly to the customer when ordered.


We package another part of our articles in the Netherlands. Our own line of plastic quality packaging is produced in Tiel and for that reason the packaging of the screws is done in the Netherlands. In addition, we package many other items in the Netherlands due to, among other things, the growth in the share of private label items in recent years. Sometimes the volume of a particular item is not enough to get it small-packaged from the Far East. Yet here in the Netherlands we can also package at a competitive price. Many people do not think about it, but a lot of our screws are simply wrapped by human hands. This is about 5 million packages per year. And that offers a lot of employment to people at a certain distance from the labor market. We work together with about fifteen different packaging centers in the Netherlands for this. These are mainly sheltered workshops, but we also have some collaborations with probation agencies. Thanks to these partnerships, we offer daily work to about 300 people. We thus offer them a position in society and receive good quality packaging work in return at fixed rates.