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The past few years at Hoenderdaal have mainly been characterised by further growth and professionalisation of the organisation: both 'outside', by moving to new premises, and 'inside', by implementing a modern ERP system and optimising our processes. And we continue to develop and optimise our business every day. In 2019, we continued successful automation of our warehouse with a new WMS system with the integration of voice-controlled order picking.

In addition, as a company we pay great attention to the well-being and job satisfaction of our employees. With a team of about 60 employees, we ensure every day that the ordered products are delivered to our customers on time. The organisation is flat and the atmosphere informal. The team is close-knit and loyalty is high, and there are many people who have enjoyed working for us for decades. We are all committed to achieving the best result for our customers in a pleasant working atmosphere. The Hoender DNA can be described as follows: to the point, sincere, loyal, flexible, eager to learn, enthusiastic, solution-oriented and with a healthy dose of humour.